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The story goes, pianist Nils wanted to play late at night in his Berlin apartment, so he rested layers of thick felt over the strings. He ended up creating this beautiful album. They must've had the gain on the microphones set really high, you can hear all sorts of extra sounds that make for a fun listening experience. Headphones recommended.

Assault On Precinct 13

Legend. This album is so hard


The range of musicianship on this album is crazy, "Lyrebird" is a big favourite

Seven Waves

I discovered this album while digging at a personal favourite record shop in central Scotland… Wavy


First cassette release which became the catalyst for Astral Black. Synthed out headbangers

Palm Tree Fire

Slackk creates amazing atmosphere in his tracks. "Millipede" makes me feel like I'm running around in Crash Bandicoot

Champion Sound - Complete Set

One of the most influential albums production wise for me

Millions Now Living Will Never Die

Brilliant music, brilliantly produced. Great in headphones

The Early Emissions (Ep's 1-4)

Dope compilation of the first few releases by Edinburgh label Firecracker, these dudes were a big inspiration to me as a youngin, and continue to be