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Filtered Artist profile - Hugo Frederick

A compilation of fresh new electronic artists

Last year, Bleep started a project to explore the musical underground - a seemingly infinite amount of talented music makers yet to be discovered.

Bleep alongside partners Warp Records, Sound- Cloud, and Transition Mastering Studios, reviewed over 4,000 demo tracks to get to this stage... Here stands the final Filtered compilation - a diverse and fascinating insight into the new wave of yet-to-be discovered producers that the international electronic underground is comprised of...


Artist Profile: HugoFrederick
Band Members (all relevant):Hugo Guidot
Real Names (all relevant):Hugo Guidot
Age: 23
Location: Melbourne, Australia

1. How long have you been making music for?
Electronic music specifically for about 2 years, other stuff for a bit longer.

2. Tell us your process of making music?
I have a midi keyboard but I don't use it often, I really just use my mouse and keyboard for mostly everything. I think that just comes down to space issues and not having a lot of money to throw around on equipment.

3. Tell us about the making of the track that made it to Filtered?
Generally it starts with trying to replicate a sense of atmosphere or a strong sound based memory and I just go from there. To me it's most important that listeners feel an immediate sense of connection or nostalgia from my music, that is paramount.

4. How did you hear about Filtered?
A good friend of mine let me know about it, I guess he thought I would have a chance. I just thought it might be good for exposure regardless of the outcome.

5. Were you surprised when you were picked for Filtered?
Very, I still can't believe it.

6. Tell us what are your music Influences?
A lot of ambient, but recently branching out into other genres as well. I always feel I'm a bit behind but I'm always trying to listen to more and gain inspiration.

7. What do you have planned for your music after Filtered?
I'll always be making music, it's the only creative outlet I feel most comfortable with. I'll be releasing some original work shortly.