Robert Raths' Guide to Erased Tapes

Erased Tapes

Best Of Bleep Chart

Said And Done

Nils's one-note exercise in minimalism. Think of it as a person's struggle through life. The melody being the romance, experiences you make. It’ so rewarding.

Requiem For The Static King Part One

Two Americans meet in a small Italian town by pure chance, and help each other through troubled times by creating Robitussin for the soul.


Burnt is the perfect climax for Óli and Janus’s long-awaited debut album. It just keeps on building and building until the whole thing turns to ashes.


Odyssey is one of the most engaging electronic tracks I’ve heard in a long time and forms the starting point for Ryan’s new endeavours.


Incredibly groovy and yet so peaceful and understated. We called it the “submarine” sounding song when we mastered it with Kevin at the Soundmasters.

Happiness Does Not Wait

Possibly one of Ólafur’s most beautiful compositions to date and certainly one of ten highlights from our fifth anniversary box set.

Something Has Changed

This stunning violin & viola rendition of Peter’s classic song ’Something Has Changed' is the only recording from his 2013 session at Sound City that got released.

The Six Day Moment

I was lying on the studio floor, staring at the ceiling when we captured this improvised piano take. Probably the closest I've felt to recording heaven…

Let My Key Be C

This record is all about Nils showcasing Anne’s craft on the cello by creating the perfect environment for her. This piece gives me the chills, in a good way.

A Tenderness

Michael created a haven far away from all the city noise, conducting this final piece of the recording session with bare hands and his eyes closed – no batons needed.