Clark Top Ten


Best Of Bleep Chart

Real Talk

Probably my favourite Randomer track, it does everything I want it do! The kick positively honks, so angry and vital.

Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I

Immaculately produced human as improved monkey music.

Mountain Divide EP

Just huge, building euphoric, erm, techno? Not sure what it is really. it's massive though.

no world

Perfect summer record, I’d love to see them soundtrack a (good) Michael Mann film. Angel is just the saddest tune, but the dark edges to it, the little stabs of pitchshift evil vox, it's this subtlety that draw you in.

Black Is Beautiful

Track 5 on this sounds like The Doors, I love her voice, I prefer it to that awful drunk adolescent poets voice I think.

Delta Horizon

Pure hazy snares love all the pitched guitar wobble over this.

Faith In Strangers

It’s unapologetically poppy, I’ve always thought he’d be good at lo-key pop, the weird dissonant slabs of drone and detail on the sub make it a cut above


Amazingly well tweaked techno abstractions, I love the drum patterns on this, pure Escher music.

Eraserhead Soundtrack

Good dinner party music for when your dinner parties are full of guests that are dead humans with taxidermied goats heads.


I love his stuff, the production has a proper "pushed into red on cassette" vibe. The melancholy of Born in Bosnia is so heavy, beautiful track.