bleep club tracks - best of 2012


The 20 Most Essential Tips for the Dancefloor


Transpiration, which translates to 'Perspiration' in english, no doubt made many sweat in 2012. Stabbing synths and huge raw beats killed dancefloors from Berlin to Buenos Aires.

123 BPM
Studio 3

Raw and unadulterated techno.

132 BPM

Infectious, poised house from the Wolverhampton duo Letherette, holding down some exuberant cut-up boogie.

120 BPM
...Now We Relate

Out and out dance music with a capital D. There is no mistaking that Night Slugs' Jam City is making a statement that some dance music is more about getting lost than being guided to a destination. "Now We Relate" drives this point home with several minutes of vamping before letting loose in anthemic, classic house style.

67 BPM
Sin Love With You

Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum join forces as Jets. 'Sin with Love' blending Stewart's vocal splicing brilliance with Edgar's electro-funk synth work.

109 BPM
Au Seve

Set to ignite the seasonal dancefloors everywhere, this inaugural release for his own Broadwalk label is a huge house anthem by Julio Bashmore. Driven by stinging hi-hats, 'Au Seve' promises to be one of the tunes of the year; its warping bassline and catchy vocal hook puts it up there with the likes of Mosca's 'Bax'. Essential.

124 BPM
So Will Be Now... feat. Pional

Immense hands-in-the-lazers gear.

117 BPM
A 100

‘A 100’ is a tough piece of material unequivocally aimed at the floor, melodic synth lines bringing in just the right levels of hypnotism.

127 BPM

‘Vessel’ showcases Skudge's eclectic skills with its knack for distilled layers of jacking sophistication.

129 BPM
House of Dolls

'House Of Dolls' is downright decadent, a nubile teaser full of dramatic bouts of crashing percussion and anomalous lasers.

125 BPM
I Want You You You

‘I Want You You You’ is a no-nonsense garage/funky house workout that is, essentially, the sound of right this very minute.

118 BPM
The Slammer

Raw, jackin and full of punch.

123 BPM
A Short Distance

The Norwich-based producer of dainty and inward electronica channels sunny analogue sounds on this one.

124 BPM
Flashbacks From The M1 (The Ferox Treatment)

The wait is over… Mike Huckaby returns on Synth with a limited vinyl reissue of two long out of print late 90s classics. We see Roland King’s ‘Flashback From the M1 (the Ferox Treatment)’ – a super sub-shaking stomper.

127 BPM
Our House Stab

Straight-up jacking house tip.

115 BPM
Child (NY Stomp Remix)

Raw, jacking house remix from Gerd made for the warehouse.

125 BPM
It's In Rain (Original Mix)

Taken from Redshape's latest album 'Square' on Running Back, 'It's In Rain' is typical Redshape House, subtle bass shifts with minimal groove.

120 BPM
Dum Dum

Sharp high hats and madly arranged horns from LuckyMe's newest addition to the family.

155 BPM

A darker side of Dirty Bird, Bristol's Eats Everything lays down some extreme shuffling groove and deep painful synths.

123 BPM
Good Times (feat. Jeppe Kjellberg)

Taken from Michael Mayer's new LP, 'Mantasy', 'Good Times' features the vocals of WhoMdeWho front man, Jeppe Kjellberg. A seamless string section and no lack of dancefloor pulse throughout.

123 BPM
Witch Hunt

‘Witch Hunt’ is a lavish rhythmic roller pairing clipped rave stabs alongside deep, swaggering bass.

122 BPM

Featuring huge synth-lines, punchy drums, chopped vocal samples and a particularly incredible Roger Troutman-esque vocal feature from Livin' Proof's Budgie.

140 BPM
Freak Dub

Randomer indulges in a serious acid frenzy for his new one on Hemlock Recordings; 'Freak Dub' is sparse and unnerving.

125 BPM
Taste (Paul Woolford's Special Request Remix)

A thundering rough and ready approach to the original track, twisting it into something which would resemble Kraftwerk had they spent their formative years overdosing on jungle.

128 BPM
Drive (The Age Of Automation)

Detroit’s finest, the legendary minimal master Robert Hood presents ‘Motor: Nighttime World 3’, arguably some of his best material in a long while. Returning to the project he first started with Austria’s Cheap label back in 1995 and subsequently continued in 2000 on M-Plant

128 BPM

Destined to be the post-summer comedown anthem of 2012 - following the likes of CFCF, Les Sins sees Toro Y Moi shake off his 'chillwave' tag for a more skipping house groove in the near-perfect 'Fetch'.

120 BPM

With its motorised, chugging bassline, ‘Kane’ has a dancefloor-destined driving power behind it.

128 BPM
Glow Hole

Fake employs frenetic, Aphex-like composition on 'Glow Hole'.

125 BPM

Mysterious tech-disco from Michael Amato aka The Hacker - ‘Satori’ wears its influences on its sleeve, a powerful, driving, 80s inspired industrial/disco workout.

122 BPM
Spreo Superbus (Girl Unit Remix)

Shrouded in mystery, Actress’ rework hears a dreamier take on the original: wistful chords and chopped-up vocals thrown loosely over a stunted 80's-edged beat.

132 BPM
We're Wrong

Following swiftly on from the modern classic slow jam that was 'Never Thought You Would Go' on Eglo Records, comes the next installment from Manchester's Krystal Klear, this time debuting his wares with Dublin's All City imprint. The new label sees a new direction with a bubbling piece of piano-led house and another dance floor friendly piece of filtered house. Deeply infectious stuff.

123 BPM
Sultan's Request

Taken from Flying Lotus' fourth full length 'Until The Quiet Comes', brilliant from start to finish.

75 BPM

'X' continues Mark Fell's fascination with rolling garage grooves and chopped-up future-facing house.

127 BPM

Rinse fans may have already caught a glimpse of the much anticipated new release from T J Hertz AKA Objekt after Ben UFO's choice inclusion of the track on his recent Rinse mix CD, and now it's here in all its glory for the rest of us to enjoy. The gut wrenching wobbles may sound like dubstep, it has all the sub-bass swelling and swaggering hallmarks of the genre, yet Hertz' elevated levels of production reach for something else - a mutant hybrid with slick sound design more akin to techno. Complex, propulsive and cleverly structured, this is why Objekt is the man-of-the-moment.

124 BPM
Yellow 90's

Heavily washed with lush and beautiful textures, Lapalux again composes hazy beat-scapes.

109 BPM

Pure DC10 vibes.

125 BPM
Have It Your Way

So hip it can barely see over its pelvis.

120 BPM

R&B sheen and underpinned by bold tribalism. 'DDD' is our tip for some real swung-out house.

123 BPM
Flux (Martyn's Electromagnetic Mix)

Turbo Recordings continue to explore their taste for all things beat and bass related with a new one from Sei A, backed up by a much welcomed remix from Martyn.

136 BPM
Peaches (Melting Flesh)

Blawan makes his debut on Dutch imprint Clone and even in the face of a recent slew of unbelievably on-point releases, marks perhaps his most accomplished work to date.

127 BPM
Easy Easy

Hudson Mohawke steps things up a gear with this hyped and ridiculously anticipated collaboration with fellow beats alchemist, Lunice - both representing their respective corners, Warp and LuckyMe. Their live shows and snippets of their tracks that have been found online have fuelled the excitement around this release and now it's finally here in all it's glory. Straight to the point, simple and hard as you like beats that could set alight underground dancefloors as well as soundtrack the largest commercial rap and R'n'B stars on the planet. Beware, TNGHT are planning to kick up a storm, and they mean business...

134 BPM
Berghain (Darkroom Mix)

DJ Harvey returns to his Locussolus production project – ‘Berghain’ is an ode to the Berlin powerhouse with deep, bubbling bass mutations, soaring synths and a rippling vibe of sexed-up narcotic energy. Berghain down to a t then.

125 BPM
Ye Ye

Formerly only available on wax, Daphni's Ye Ye hits the digisphere for those unlucky enough to have missed out last time.

129 BPM
For You

A melodic and groovy vocal led slow-hour groover...

118 BPM
I Come By Night

Shed delivers IDM-inspired broken beats, quasi-hardcore breaks, moments of isolating ambience and shifting, poly-rhythmical machine music.

124 BPM
Sketches pt1

‘Sketches Pt. 1’ begins with some instant addictive swing and soon settles in to the kind of funk-driven techno that the Planet E boss does like no other.

122 BPM
At Birth

'At Birth' is a mysterious house groover, suppressed and subtly bubbling along waiting for its peak that never arrives.

120 BPM
Just For Now

Heartbreakingly gorgeous deep house flavours from Brooklyn duo Zev Eisenberg, Gadi Mizrahi aka Wolf + Lamb.

120 BPM

Kieran Hebden exhibits a masterful ability to fuse techno, jazz and electronica in an uncluttered sonic model. Playful and evocative sounds.

128 BPM
Tape Hiss

"Tape Hiss" starts innocently with a radio-filtered beat that opens up over the first couple minutes of the track before an undulating bassline sneaks into the mix with little pomp, but to knee-weakening effect.

114 BPM