Blanck Mass Chart

Blanck Mass

Best Of Bleep Chart

Requiem for Dying Mothers, Part 1

Probably my favourite combined passages from SOTL

Madwoman (Festival Mix)

This one goes hard. Very aggressive

Mille Voix

Rob’s vocals are beautiful on this one. An amazing collaboration


Very restrained and sophisticated. The arp has a highly infectious bounce to it


The loop rolls over itself, almost clumsily sometimes. This has a very far out feel to it


Distant and Bleak. Sharp and sudden jumps between textures. Jarring. It’s just great

Disco Rout

Probably his biggest hit. I love this one. The melody is wonderful

Logan Rock Witch

my favourite on the Richard D James LP. An unusual rhythm palette

Norton Apple Software

Very frantic in its pace. Hyperactive, but slick.

Body Double

Haunting, sexy and morose. HTRK at their best