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Zoon Van Snook

Best Of Bleep Chart

Crystalline (Letherette Remix)

This is an absolute mainstay of my DJ sets. The Planet Mu released Irish band get the remix treatment from recent Ninja signees Leatherette. The organ drop in the middle is just stunning. So funky and downtempo without being pedestrian. The Leatherette new LP is sounding VERY tasty as well.


I was left aghast after a recent live show of his: a baby grand, Fender Rhodes, one synth and a bank of external analogue effects. Beautiful progressions with prolonged percussive sections played with feel AND precision. This song is my favourite of his at the moment and is from the album he recorded AFTER breaking a thumb! Such a talented dude.

Avocado Roller featuring Becca Stevens

I found these guys through a friend who had been raving about them for ages. This new release is a perfect example of their blend of dance-floor, electronica-jazz. They are brilliantly inventive and seem to be treading their own line at the moment.


Max is pretty prolific with his output, all of which is of a really high quality. I love the subtle glitch and edginess of this track, the underlying progression wouldn't feel out of place on a Border Community release.

Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio

This is a beautiful little tune from the 'Please Smile My Nose Bleed' album, which featured three new songs and remixes by people such Isan, B. Fleischmann etc. I picked this up after a live show of theirs in Reykjavik, when I was collecting the field recordings that later formed the basis of my new album 'The Bridge Between Life & Death'.