the top 100 tracks 2011


Bleep's annual summary of the best music of the year is available to download now.
Available to download until the 25th January 2012

Jupiter Rising

Arpeggiated cosmic synthwork from ADR on Public Information's debut release.

This It It

Headhunter in Addison Groove mode killing it with the science-fiction sine tones bouncing around deep Detroit stabs and snappy vocal loops and gurgles.

Out In The Streets (VIP)

Africa Hitech's rework of their biggest track of 2011 into a jungle rinse out...


Sweetly harmonious bass fluids programmed to a low-riding funk tempo. Think Floating Points' jazzier moments in a dance-off w/ Joy O.

Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo)

Matias Aguayo joins Battles for their triumphant return.


Standout track from Geir Jenssen under his Biosphere project. An eerily topical view on the safety of certain Japanese nuclear plants and their proximity to earthquake-prone areas.

What You Do With What You Have

'What You Do with What You Have' masterfully samples vocals from a lecture given by the one and only Moodymann over a driving 4x4 beat.

Silo Pass

Strutting, confident future-dance music from South London, all bruising mids, and modulated bass set to halfstep/Grime menace and mutant techno forms

Minnesota WI

One of the most beautiful tracks from one of the most anticipated and critically acclaimed releases of the year.

Dancing Queen

Clean lines, propulsive patterns, sustained chords- like Carl Craig if he were active in Berlin circa 1973

The Dissolve (ft. Brian Greene)

The Dissolve has intricate detailed charm with organic funk.


The pioneer of ambient music, now recently signed to Warp, brings us a vibrant and infectious track with Rick Holland's poetry given a monosyllabic robotic treatment, truly embracing the name 'Glitch'.

Street Halo

Swarming with that crackle and hiss, with spectral far-off rhythms punctuating the gloom.


Crunchy synthetic beats from our favourite album of the year.

Timora (Objekt Rework)

Like all the best body music, this has a swagger and muscle, with Berlin techno don Objekt on the edit.

Too late, too far

Chris Taylor, member of Grizzly Bear and producer extraordinaire, brings us his solo debut CANT, a brilliant new project that brings his talent of composition and arrangement to the fore.

Silvia Solar

Mutant-disco moves and synth-rush bliss from the inimitable Capracara


Lush beautifully arranged, warm and atmospheric multi-instrumented layers of sound from Circle Traps.


Dense, lo-fi, R&B mutants transcend the background hip-hop instrumental much like the best work of Madlib, Dilla, Premier...

Forever Dolphin Love

New Zealand's Connan Mockasin is finally getting the recognition he deserves this year, and this track clocking in just over 10 minutes is a perfectly constructed piece of psychedelia that shows off his truly unique sound.

It's Serious

Cooly G and Karizma dive deep into the underground with flipped-out percussive patterns and spiralling synths.


Daphni (aka Caribou)'s 'Ahora' is an organic techno slow-burner, unfurling in a hypnotic trance.

New Beginning (Tidal Darkness)

The Norwegian two-piece of Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland forge a brave palette of eerie, beautiful, industrial foreboding.


Stand-out electro-pop from Django Django in advance of their first full-length release in 2012.


Beautiful music from somewhere between lo-fi bedroom rock and psychedelic dream pop.

Between Bridges

The outside world and the inner studio sanctuary, are stitched together with longing tones, ambient textures and muted rhythm.

Lucky Luciano

FaltyDL transposes the vintage UK dance music continuum into a forever evolving flux of next-level styles and chromium plated body musics.


An ostentatiously vivid yet thoroughly understated score of melancholic delight.


Synths funkily stutter over a delicious 110 bpm percussion-laden backbeat with the occasional snippet of vocal-jazz scat.

Roland's Jam

A six-minute session of Acid worms and mangled 303 dynamism.


Mindkilla makes a nod to the ballsy bass-swagger and syncopated snare dynamics of UKF.

I'll Take Care Of U

A stunning piano house-toting remix of 'I'll Take Care Of You' by Jamie XX.

We Shall Overcome

A forever bristling organic palette of percussion at play twisting inside minimal arrangements whilst a softly toned kick pulse humming against off-centre vocal murmurings and vamps.

Know Where

The slow beats and ghostly production that you'd expect from a release on Tri Angle.

What We Do (Original Mix)

Classic dubstep meets 2-step mutations from one of the pioneers of the underground UK bass scene.

Ready For The World

This is soul music dredged backward through grubby banks of compression, digital distortion and hiss.

All Your Love

Hudson blurs the lines between mainstream hip-hop production, early-rave soundscapes and contemporary bass modulations.

Your Girl Smells Like Chung When She Wears Dior

This baby's got the bends; the hiss tickles, the sine waves hum, the bass is viscous, the delay pedals shimmer. If you dig OPN, Boards Of Canada, Ariel Pink you will dig this.


The UKF snare is burnt deep here, consistently manhandled into a flaming riot of detuned sawtooth bass and abstract, hooky melody licks.

Thirteen Times An Hour

A glistening mass of chords, micro-sounds and beguiling drum patterns that burrow into your consciousness setting up a whirlwind through minimal, jazz, house and elegant electronics for pure satisfaction.

Another Girl

Greene offers up a mutated UK garage swimming in the noise of a hundred divas lost in the beat-matrix.

Give A Man A Rod (2nd Version)

This 'Second Version' of the much loved B-side of one of his earlier singles 'Bells Sketch', brings us an update that has lifted its warmth and groove, creating a track that bubbles with his trademarked punctuated soul.

Far Nearer

An understated yet powerful production, its ecstatic, steel drum-driven rhythm merging beautifully with its pitch bent and re-interpreted vocal phrase.

Keep Pushing On

Shimmering synths and electronic drum kits accompany his somber baritone, heavy with nostalgia 'Keep Pushing On' is looking towards the future while carrying with it the sonic palette of the past.

Goddess Eyes

A melancholic journey into wistfully ethereal vocals floating naked above delicate synths, string work and vocoders.

Battle For Middle You

Universally agreed to be one of the biggest dance tracks of 2011... "lets get down.."


Lean lines, micro melodies sparking off one another, bittersweet vocal worms kissing immaculately loaded sub-bass....

There Are Monsters In This Bed

Incorporating bass, electronic clicks, filtered electronics all with an underlying pop / R&B sensibility.


Nostalgic and emotive atmospheres that haunt the inside of your speakers.

Ritual Union

A beautiful example of sleek, minimal, romantic, hook-drenched pop music carved by beautifully designed synth-modes and fiery live arrangements.

Coreshine Voodoo

Dripping with glossy, emotive stabs that sound like Incognito Records-era techno from the Motor City; the pumping kicks are laced with signature, spiraling leads and tropical, percussive nuances.

Most of this Moment (Isolée Mix)

Absolutely killer remix from Isolee. Essential club gear.

Factory Report 1

Berlin techno heavyweight Marcel Dettmann gives his dubbed out techno treatment to Mokira aka Andreas Tillander.

Pirate's Tale

Maria Minerva's soft muted falsetto strobes through aquatic keys and submerged drum machines, pushing deep into the cassette-red.

Mark Ernestus Meets BBC

Ernestus condenses Shangaan hyper-activity down to a hypnotizing and particularly engaging house groove punctuated with moody synths.


Never one to shy away from exploring new terrain, 'Mask' delivers deep grooving basslines and funk-led percussion.

All Nights

Mike Slott teams up with Martyn for this heady stomping house music.

Little One

Chasm deep house music and emotive techno that nods to the vintage sounds of Chicago and Detroit.

L.O.V.E. (Kyle Hall Remix)

Theo Parrish-esque MCDE track L.O.V.E., remixed by Kyle Hall.

Open Up And Bleed

Vainio delivers a barren revision of Iggy and The Stooges' , 'Open Up And Bleed'; an icy landscape of noise and metal.


Framework', works rhythm and production, taking the nebulous dub reference of the likes of Basic Channel / Chain Reaction and cladding it around steely, yet very liquid, syncopated beats

Biddies (Truth Is Light Edit)

An intoxicatingly steady mix of crackling psych-soul; heavy, crushing shards of dub and the haunting sound of ancestral rhythm.

Evil Twin feat. Otto von Schirach

Extreme electro-tinged techno from Modeselektor and Otto Von Schirach


Mosca jumps straight in to late 90s 2-step garage territory designed to make your shoulders work and your feet shuffle.

Eugenio IV

Deteriorating loops of crickets and tones are met with rasping strings and clouds of distortion evoking the desolate Mexican desert from which this soundtrack is set.


At once it is fragile and unassuming, whilst simultaneously confident and eccentric; and with a sense of mischief and playfulness, whilst still maintaining an air of drama and maturity.

Fibonnaci 10

Om Unit snares some wobbling acid lines in a maelstrom of discordant rhythms based on the Fibonacci sequence!


Steely, metallic stabs a la Kerri Chandler dart in between tough, latino-style percussive chirps

Surfer's Hymn (Actress Primitive Pattern Remix)

Actress turns out a grainy, hypnotic roller... like Lennox got himself trapped deep inside the Splaszh LP and can't get out, with only Konono No. 1 for company.

Die Vögel version Of ?Welt Am Draht?

Pantha Du Prince's album Black Noise gets the remix treatment, with Die Vogel rearranging the track with with a pointillist brass section.

Blush mosaic

A raw and visceral experience full of intricate textural layers that definitely deserves your ears.


Stolen' artfully builds up momentum, oscillating and weaving through a collage of weighty percussion, acid touches and soulful vocal samples.

All The Sun That Shines

All The Sun That Shines' mixes a Duane Eddy-like guitar line with a bassline that any early 80s Ladbroke Grove squat dweller would have killed to call their own.


Ten years since his last album, Photek returns with staggering sub bass vibrations and deep, soulful technoid atmospheres.

The Ongoing Significance Of Steel And Flesh

Like a secret meeting between Suicide and Mika Vainio on a Norwegian winters night - the aesthetic here is deathly cold and sinister.

Bloom (Objekt RMX)

Objekt, threads 'Bloom' into brilliant weighty, spaced-out, acid-boogie.


Oliver Ho pushes the Raudive sound into an even darker and post-industrial world, with intermittent groans, monotone bass and a punching drum kit giving it a sinister and gothic feel.


Sugarcubes' morse code-like punctuation and epic restless chords creates a piece that fuses the classic Raster-Noton digitalism with Lippok's post-rock distortion, creating a dancefloor slaying track that drags you back for repeated listens.

How To Spread Lies (Original Mix)

Flugel takes things down a notch or two from previous material touching down on some seriously warm and groove-led production

So So So

Ewan Castex aka Rone creates beautifully melodic track, weaving together reverb drenched piano lines and warm synths patterns, all driven along by ever changing rhythmic structures, creating something that is both fragile and cinematic.

Hover Traps

If you're anything like us, the moment you hear "Hover Traps", you will probably be humming the melody for the next 3 months of your life.


Adrenalin', is the kind of uplifting tranced-out 4/4 killer that just begs for some main-room hands in the lasers type behaviour.

Fireworks, Aussen Vor Remix

Dark, clouded matter from the grubbiest, most challenging corners of the floor.

Lonely C (Unmixed)

A contender for vocal of the year...

Closing Titles

Detroit style precision percussion and the kind of warmth and space that SDC does so well.

Something About You

Euphoric pianos, synthetic stabs, repitched vocal snippets but you could never confuse this for a lost 90s house gem. The production is just too crisp.


Teeth makes explosive subs loaded with massive drums and hooky midranges into a sick confection.

Is This Power

Lush, nebulous electronics and crystalline melodies that could have been made to score a Tarkovskiy film

Hey You!

Full of jazzy flourishes, one killer guitar riff and the raw soulful vocals of Acyde.


Excellent start for the Sneaker Social Club from the much-tipped, Throwing Snow. Lead by brisk, biting, footwork-style loops and dense, vaporous synths.


With an acid-like loop grounding this piece, Thundercat's spiraling keyboard lines and virtuosic bass playing is given free reign to go on an intergalactic space adventure.

Sketch 9

Decaying and distorted tones slowly engulf the solo piano, drawing out a haunted sketch for his highly revered album 'Ravedeath'

Dive (Wheel of the Law)

Minimal-wave, proto-goth and cold, industrial-noir on Blackest Ever Black.


Merrill Garbus shows off her vocal virtuosity with her incredibly unique DIY afro-beat, wyrd-folk aesthetic.

Ever Apparent All Being Shoulder

Deeply strange, but rewarding abstract electronic minimalism and dub-malfunction.

It's A Crime (Caribou Mix)

Caribou takes the delicious "It's a Crime" to curious new levels; vocals, crunchy lo fidelity drums and a nagging, jam sensibility fit for those left-centre rave corners.


Lush warm layers of guitars and pedals combined with driving, head-nodding rhythms.

A Thing Called Love (Legowelt Mix)

The Bavarians strike back with a superb record from Wolfram featuring none other than "What is Love" Haddaway.


Bold, powerful and original 'pop' music.

Natalia?s Song

Pulsing grooves are sprinkled with the vocal sample of Russian Star Factory winner Irina Dubtzova. Hypnotic, beautiful and melancholic in a way that is unique perhaps only to the talents of Zomby and fellow enigmatic figure Burial.