super magic hats

Filtered Artist Profile - Super Magic Hats

A compilation of fresh new electronic artists

Last year, Bleep started a project to explore the musical underground - a seemingly infinite amount of talented music makers yet to be discovered.

Bleep alongside partners Warp Records, Sound- Cloud, and Transition Mastering Studios, reviewed over 4,000 demo tracks to get to this stage... Here stands the final Filtered compilation - a diverse and fascinating insight into the new wave of yet-to-be discovered producers that the international electronic underground is comprised of...


Artist Profile: Super Magic Hats
Band Members (all relevant): Rob Masterton
Real Names: (all relevant)Rob Masterton
Age: 27
Location: Melbourne, Australia

1. How long have you been making music for?
Most of my life in some form or another. I started playing guitar when I was 11 or 12, producing music with a 4-track recorder just after that, Djing when I was 17, producing techno in 2004 and have been writing music as Super Magic Hats since May 2011.

2. Tell us your process of making music?
I use Ableton Live as my main sequencer and work space. My music is based largely on creative editing within Ableton, I like to take a lot of samples and remake them into other things, as well as recording guitar and synth parts and even vocals sometimes and using those in the same way. I also use a Tenori-On to write loops on, and use a lot of field recordings to add a bit of noise if things are sounding too clean.

3. Tell us about the making of the track that made it to Filtered?
Happy Jazz was about the third Super Magic Hats track I wrote, it seems like a long time ago that it was made. It was basically a few guitar samples, a bit of keyboards and some spoken word one shots, I came up with the main loop and saved it as "Happy Jazz" because it sounded happy and jazzy to me. To make it into a track, I use the same loop played in a different order to provide the melodic counterpoint, and tried to be as unreserved as possible with cymbal crashes.

4. How did you hear about Filtered?
It was though the Bleep mailing list. I wasn't really thinking of entering at first because I knew the standard would be so high, but I guessed that I had nothing to lose. Bleep is a great platform so I was stoked when I made the top 50, that was something I was happy to tell anyone within earshot about.

5. Were you surprised when you were picked for Filtered.
Massively surprised! The standard of music from so many of the entrants was really high, and I had a preconception of the sort of sound that Bleep might be looking for. I felt confident in my own track but didn't see how it would fit in - you spend so long producing something though it's hard to step back and see a bigger picture. Anyway, I'm stoked to make the final compilation.

6. What are your musical influences?
They are many and varied... I love all sorts of music - interesting electronica, melodic techno and lo-fi indie, shoegaze, and things that are a bit unconventional and push boundries. Artists that have been especially important to the ethos of Super Magic Hats are James Holden, Spiritualized, Caribou, The MFA, Shonen Knife, Dirty Projectors, Gold Panda, Four Tet.... all of them inform what I do musically in their own way.

7. What do you have planned for your music after Filtered?
Hopefully some of those festival headline slots will come my way soon! In the meantime, I am going to carry on writing music and will hopefully have an album finished in 2012. A vinyl release of that would be pretty nice, as would being able to make a line of T-Shirts. I'd also like to continue playing gigs with other amazing artists and hope to tour interstate and overseas before too long.