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April 2018
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Italian producer Shinoby returns with another LP of uncompromising, takes-no-prisoners club tackle. R.I.S.E. begins in flux - the lurching no-wave groove and eerie atmospherics of ‘Dusty Smell’ bring to mind the start of Gorillaz’s Demon Days as reimagined by Bauhaus - but the beat soon kicks in. When it does, we get nine wedges of brutalised club fare. Bringing together electro, acid house, synthwave and doom techno, R.I.S.E. is a record that doesn’t so much encourage you to move as give you no other choice. The likes of ‘Suffering Is Learning’ and ‘Invasive Light’ will be soundtracking discos at the end of the world.

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  1. 1 Dusty Smell 1:03 Shinoby
  2. 2 Her Savage Tongue 2:00 Shinoby
  3. 3 Lurking Around Mere Coffins (feat Le Chocolat Noir) 2:00 Shinoby
  4. 4 No Uniform 2:00 Shinoby
  5. 5 Rough Trade 2:00 Shinoby
  6. 6 Cruelty 2:00 Shinoby
  7. 7 Ephemeral Community 2:00 Shinoby
  8. 8 Invasive Light 2:00 Shinoby
  9. 9 RISE 2:00 Shinoby
  10. 10 Suffering Is Learning 2:00 Shinoby

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