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Operation: Doomsday 7" Singles Bundle
MF Doom
Operation: Doomsday 7" Singles Bundle
Metal Face
Release Date
May 2018
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    • The Time We Faced Doom / Doomsday 7"
    • Rhymes Like Dimes / The Finest 7"
    • Back In The Days / Go With The Flow / Tick,Tick 7"
    • Red & Gold / The Hands Of Doom / Who You Think I Am 7"
    • Doom, Are You Awake / Hey! / Operation:Greenbacks 7"
    • The Mic / The Mystery Of Doom / Dead Bent T 7"
    • Gas Drawls / ? / Hero Vs. Villain 7"

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MF Doom has long had one of the freshest aesthetics in hip-hop. No, we don’t just mean the mask and the clobber - we’re talking artwork, sleeves, picture discs, tapes. The trend continues with this latest batch of reissues. Teaming up with original Operation: Doomsday artist Lord Scotch, Metal Face has reissued his classic 1999 debut as a series of 7” singles. Each one comes with some great new artwork, and when you’ve collected them all you can fit them together to create a larger image. Seeing as Operation: Doomsday is a cast-iron, without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, they’ll-beam-it-into-space-one-day classic of an album, the music on here needs no introduction.

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  1. 1 The Time We Faced DOOM 1:02 MF Doom
  2. 2 Doomsday 2:00 MF Doom
  3. 3 Rhymes Like Dimes 2:00 MF Doom
  4. 4 The Finest 2:00 MF Doom
  5. 5 Back In The Days 0:23 MF Doom
  6. 6 Go With The Flow 2:00 MF Doom
  7. 7 Tick,Tick 2:00 MF Doom
  8. 8 Red & Gold 2:00 MF Doom
  9. 9 The Hands Of Doom 0:56 MF Doom
  10. 10 Who You Think I Am 2:00 MF Doom
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