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Hilary Woods
Sacred Bones Records
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June 2018
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The latest Sacred Bones drop is the chillingly beautiful debut LP from Irish artist Hilary Woods. Written and recorded direct to an eight-track, Colt is characterised by spare ballads shrouded in thousand-yard atmospherics. Spare, almost frail drums underpin droning synthesisers, flickers of keyboard and Woods’s ethereal vocals. The intimate home-taping vibe is balanced out by a rich and full mix from James Kelly (WIFE, Altar Of Plagues). Zola Jesus, Julia Holter and especially Grouper come to mind on the likes of ‘Prodigal Dog’ and ‘Take Him In’, while the lights-low grooviness of ‘Jesus Said’ is reminiscent of mid-period Wild Beasts.

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  1. 1 Inhaler 5:13 Hilary Woods Buy
  2. 2 Prodigal Dog 4:58 Hilary Woods Buy
  3. 3 Take Him In 4:11 Hilary Woods Buy
  4. 4 Kith 5:36 Hilary Woods Buy
  5. 5 Jesus Said 5:43 Hilary Woods Buy
  6. 6 Sever 2:52 Hilary Woods Buy
  7. 7 Black Rainbow 4:14 Hilary Woods Buy
  8. 8 Limbs 4:47 Hilary Woods Buy

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