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Two / Three
Two / Three
Ghostly International
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 2006

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Dabrye's Two/Three comes back around for a fresh re-up, easily one of the most experimental rap records to ever be recorded, when it originally dropped back in 2006 it set a high-level standard of production that was wildly more fwd thinking than any one of his contemporaries, yet also pushed for a greater advancement in both his MC heavy productions and a hip-hop scene as a whole that was due a shake-up.

Using an arsenal of sounds lifted, sampled and inspired by Dabrye's encyclopedic knowledge of underground sounds, Two/Three was most notable for featuring some of the freshest MC's around. Boasting studio link up's with the biggest rising stars in the game, we were gifted with Jay Dee (RIP), Phat Kat, AG, Big Tone, Ta'Raach, Beans, Guilty Simpson, Paradime, Doom, Vast Aire, Kadence, Wildchild, Finale, Invincible, Big Tone link ups.

Two/Three is an important record for a number of reasons, most notably of all it was a step out into the unknown, leaving behind the noodly laptop brigade behind while it made leaps far into the future, pushing further forward than any other artist Dabrye would often be pigeonholed alongside. While the instrumentals were compatible with both Hyperdub-plates and also hit the highest peaks of any Low-End Theory they were wheeled up at, the almost cyberpunk mist that surrounds the Two/Three spiral scratch led to everyone from Flying Lotus to Kode9 repping (and remixing) key tracks.

While still, it continues to this day to sound like the best soundtrack to any Blade Runner city setting fantasy you wanna imagine yourself in while listening to it, Dabrye's Two/Three is an exercise in cutting edge sound design and a crucial guidebook for just how expriemntal hip-hop can truly be.

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  1. 1 The Stand (feat. Wildchild) 3:32 Dabrye Buy
  2. 2 Air (feat. Doom) 3:10 Dabrye Buy
  3. 3 Machines Pt. I 2:06 Dabrye Buy
  4. 4 Encoded Flow (feat. Kadence) 2:52 Dabrye Buy
  5. 5 That's What's Up (feat. Vast Aire) 4:03 Dabrye Buy
  6. 6 Tell Dem 3:04 Dabrye Buy
  7. 7 Nite Eats Day (feat. Beans) 1:56 Dabrye Buy
  8. 8 Jorgy 2:54 Dabrye Buy
  9. 9 Special (feat. Guilty Simpson and Paradime) 3:29 Dabrye Buy
  10. 10 Bloop 1:57 Dabrye Buy
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