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The Bird Was Stolen
Strafe F.R.
The Bird Was Stolen
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May 2018
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Düsseldorf is somewhat of a stronghold for daring and innovative electronic music at the minute. The success of labels like TFGC and poster-boy Jan Schulte as well as the extended Salon family immediately spring to mind, but this new LP on experimental powerhouse Touch shines a light on a duo with a distinctly non-club focused practice. Strafe FR creates an immersive world of field recordings, found sound and distorted sample jiggery that manages to conjure up images of its own title with prowess. Top tip for all the dreamers, sound art fanatics and budding Marantz fans.

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  1. 1 Jovian Tempest 4:38 Strafe F.R. Buy
  2. 2 Prepper's Home 4:26 Strafe F.R. Buy
  3. 3 Aconite 2:58 Strafe F.R. Buy
  4. 4 Anophelis 3:53 Strafe F.R. Buy
  5. 5 Cap de Barbaria 4:56 Strafe F.R. Buy
  6. 6 Pianosmoke 3:06 Strafe F.R. Buy
  7. 7 Flare 3:27 Strafe F.R. Buy
  8. 8 Medusa 5:36 Strafe F.R. Buy
  9. 9 Golden Stomach 7:11 Strafe F.R. Buy
  10. 10 Dictator 5:49 Strafe F.R. Buy
  11. 11 Himmelgeist 2:53 Strafe F.R. Buy
  12. 12 Megalitic 4:07 Strafe F.R. Buy
  13. 13 Violet Sun 5:10 Strafe F.R. Buy
  14. 14 Towton 4:01 Strafe F.R. Buy


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