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Thiago Nassif
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April 2018
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Brazilian auteur Thiago Nassif teams up with Arto Lindsay for this fun, quietly innovative LP. Tres sees Nassif handling the songs, synths and some of the guitars, while Lindsay mans the desk and occasionally provides some of the licks for which he has become known. Nassif’s sound is representative of a fruitful new strain in Brazilian popular music, one which fuses tropicalia, neo-soul, funk and psych-rock. His casual, conversational vocal style helps to fill out these spacious-yet-groovy numbers. Anyone who was listening to David Byrne in the 90s and early 2000s will see the similarities.

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  1. 1 Desordem 4:50 Thiago Nassif Buy
  2. 2 Pensamentos 4:32 Thiago Nassif Buy
  3. 3 Algodões 2:46 Thiago Nassif Buy
  4. 4 Shiu (Coçar Onde Coça) 3:46 Thiago Nassif Buy
  5. 5 Senhora Moda 2:34 Thiago Nassif Buy
  6. 6 Asco 4:06 Thiago Nassif Buy
  7. 7 Time Thick (Tempo Denso) 4:36 Thiago Nassif Buy
  8. 8 Bulgado 4:52 Thiago Nassif Buy
  9. 9 Quiçá (Leito Eito) 4:01 Thiago Nassif Buy
  10. 10 Beira 3:24 Thiago Nassif Buy


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