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Lucy Railton
Paradise 94
Modern Love
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 23, 2018


Modern Love presents Paradise 94, the debut album from acclaimed cellist and composer Lucy Railton, having entered our consciousness with her brilliant 2014 Late Junction session with Russell Haswell.

It's six tracks are pieced together as an audio collage of low, rumbling basslines that resonate through a hall of mirrors bouncing all manner of vocal passages into the reverse. Modern Love really hit the nail on the head with the scope of reference points being Alvin Lucier, Beatrice Dillon, Nate Young and Valerio Tricoli. Yet the whole album has a unique vitality to it that is as mysterious and alluring as Twin Peaks, but as with every Modern Love release, its gravitational ice-cold core is inescapable, and this is what gives the recording such power, and will ensure its appeal stays fresh for many months to come.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Pinnevik 5:05 Buy
  2. 2 To The End 4:20 Buy
  3. 3 The Critical Rush 5:36 Buy

    The Critical Rush

  4. 4 Gaslighter 3:37 Buy
  5. 5 For J.R. 3:08 Buy
  6. 6 Fortified Up 11:38 Buy

Lucy Railton

Modern Love

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