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Hollow Body
Hollow Body
Opal Tapes
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April 2018
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Having turned in a vastly overlooked but very much worthy of your time album for Tectonic and more recently a 1 sided effort for Ramp related label BRAiNMATH, Acre turns up on Opal Tapes with a freshly squeezed album length offering of cybernetic bass research.

While the track titles give none of the game away, the press release goes even further to disguise whats on offer here, describing one track as "recalling the plastic bins behind the call centre". Now, while we have no clue what is meant by this, Hollow Body is as you would expect a selection of skilfully designed experimental bass music. As with all Acre releases, it's got an edgy feel that makes good use of the space between the beats.

As with a lot of this sort of style, it can be quite hard to digest an entire album's worth within a single sitting, yet DJs down for repeat listens will be rewarded greatly. Hollow Body however, does sit more comfortably than most noise/techno albums that crop up each week within the galaxy that spans the edges of new wave grime and Ae abstraction.

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  4. 4 Glow 4:43 Acre Buy
  5. 5 Direct Registering 5:09 Acre Buy
  6. 6 Hollow Body 2:45 Acre Buy
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  8. 8 Taking Over 4:05 Acre Buy
  9. 9 Second Escape 4:07 Acre Buy
  10. 10 External 5:53 Acre Buy


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