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Kompakt CD 145 D
Release Date
May 2018
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Rausch finds Wolfgang Voigt extend the return of his most shadowy form; GAS, with the project's most claustrophobic journey yet.

Taking meaning from its title which is German for 'intoxication' Rausch is an album that will slowly crawl deep under your skin, yet also is set to cloud the mind's eye with its slowly churning, Black Forest techno. While there are thick reverberations of 2017's Narkopop and before it Zauberberg, Pop, Konigsforst, and Oktember hanging in the air. The memories of those past recordings are distorted into haunted new shapes that at one moment call to be recognised, then simply vanish within the hall of mirrors-style skeleton of Wolfgang Voigt's solitary sound world.

To experience Rausch is to enter into the dark side of GAS.

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  1. 1 Rausch 1 7:54 GAS
  2. 2 Rausch 2 9:46 GAS
  3. 3 Rausch 3 13:31 GAS
  4. 4 Rausch 4 5:02 GAS
  5. 5 Rausch 5 9:43 GAS
  6. 6 Rausch 6 7:55 GAS
  7. 7 Rausch 7 6:19 GAS
  8. 8 Rausch (continuous Mix) 60:10 GAS



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