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Be With Records
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March 2018

Strange folk-meets-funk Balearic classic sees a welcome reissue on the Be With label right at the same time as Pink Rhythm’s ‘Melodies of Love’ - good times! If this one’s new to you then think back to that Numero comp of breezy yacht rock and you’re on the right track. Sublime stuff from the vast canyon of hippy-era America, ‘High Tide’ is the go-to pick for those sweet, laidback sax manoeuvres. There’s music in the sea, there’s dancing on the beach. You can’t go wrong with lyrics like that, can you? We’re back to the Dream Chimney golden years in just one song.

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  1. 1 Tell Her She's Lovely 1:00 Batteaux
  2. 2 Living's Worth Loving 1:00 Batteaux
  3. 3 Wake Me In The Morning 1:00 Batteaux
  4. 4 Mirror 1:00 Batteaux
  5. 5 Joe Arnold 1:00 Batteaux
  6. 6 Dig Up The Love 1:00 Batteaux
  7. 7 Katy 1:00 Batteaux
  8. 8 Lady Of The Lake 1:00 Batteaux
  9. 9 Treat Me Right, Treat Me Wrong 1:00 Batteaux
  10. 10 High Tide 1:00 Batteaux
  11. 11 Wishing My Father 1:00 Batteaux
  12. 12 Maybe I'll Run Away 1:00 Batteaux

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