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Bellowing Sun
Mind Over Mirrors
Bellowing Sun
Paradise of Bachelors
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April 2018
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  • 'Matchstick Grip'
  • 'Zeitgebers'

Full release delivered on release date: 06.04.18

Deluxe 140g virgin vinyl LP features heavy-duty gatefold download code. RIYL: Popul Vuh, Henry Flynt, Arthur Russell, CAN, La Düsseldorf, Tony Conrad & Faust, Broadcast, Terry Riley & Alice Coltrane… “Near-religious drone. The effect is kaleidoscopic.” The Quietus // “Devotional ambient dreamscapes ... follows in the fertile footsteps of Terry Riley and Alice Coltrane.” Uncut // “Recalls the time-lapse of an epic nature documentary ... Such intention, such mindfulness, such clarity of vision.” The Observer // A twelve-faceted so nic inquiry into celestial cycles and the illuminating nature of darkness, Bellowing Sun is the majestic culmination of composer, harmoniumist, and synthesist Jaime Fennelly’s immersive explorations of the natural world’s sensory dimensions and the dialogues between musical traditions—acoustic and electronic, vernacular and avant-garde. Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago for its world premiere performance, and recorded and mixed by Fennelly with John McEntire (Tortoise), it features Janet Beveridge Bean (Freakwater), Jim Becker (Iron and Wine), and Jon Mueller (Death Blues). A twelve-faceted sonic inquiry into celestial cycles, the rhythms of the natural world, and the illuminating nature of darkness, the accompanying album Bellowing Sun is the majestic culmination of Fennelly’s immersive explorations of the natural world’s sensory dimensions and the dialogues between musical traditions—acoustic and electronic, vernacular and avant-garde. The solitary compositional genesis of the piece, and a significant portion of its early recording (before tracking and mixing sessions with John McEntire of Tortoise), occurred at Bean’s home atop a dune of fine quartz “singing sands” on the shore of Lake Michigan. Sonically, Bellowing Sun is both kaleidoscopic and telescopic in nature, offering a radiant palette of rhythmic, textural, and tonal complexity, as well as rapid shifts in scale, from the intimately corporeal to the dizzyingly cosmic. All four J’s—Jaime, Janet, Jim, and Jon—appeared together on Undying Color, but have since solidified into a formidable, cohesive unit, a true band capable of increasingly expansive arrangements. Though divided into twelve movements, or aspects—zodiacal sectors, perhaps—the piece functions as a heroic, integral whole. The album’s sequence reveals a dynamic push and pull between contemplative stasis and headlong momentum, imparting a palpably physical mass to the cataracts of sound. Bean sings on half of the tracks, including early stunner “Matchstick Grip” and the spectacular closer “Pause to Wonder.” Whether articulating words or intoning phonemes, her powerful, lucent voice elevates the proceedings to a devotional plane whenever it emerges from the saturated field of sound.

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  1. 1 Feeding on the Flats 4:23 Mind Over Mirrors
  2. 2 Matchstick Grip 9:27 Mind Over Mirrors Buy
  3. 3 A Palinopsic Wind 3:39 Mind Over Mirrors
  4. 4 Zeitgebers 7:38 Mind Over Mirrors Buy
  5. 5 Lanterns on the Beach 3:05 Mind Over Mirrors
  6. 6 Vermillion Pink 9:21 Mind Over Mirrors
  7. 7 Halfway to the Zenith 4:51 Mind Over Mirrors
  8. 8 Oculate Beings 6:34 Mind Over Mirrors
  9. 9 Talking Knots 5:31 Mind Over Mirrors
  10. 10 Twenty-One Falls 6:56 Mind Over Mirrors
  11. 11 Acrophasing 6:10 Mind Over Mirrors
  12. 12 Pause to Wonder 5:38 Mind Over Mirrors

Mind Over Mirrors

Paradise of Bachelors

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