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Heart Murmur
Kai Niggemann
Heart Murmur
WAF80 Music
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January 2018
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Serial Buchla-botherer Kai Niggemann drops a full album made with the legendary 200e Music Box. It’s hard to believe that Heart Murmur was dubbed live, so rich and varied are its textures. A huge range of sounds are coaxed from the machine, from multi-layered screes of noise to dinky percussive tones reminiscent of a xylophone. Though Niggemann uses no drum machines or live drums on the record, tracks like ‘Talk Light’ still have a nice propulsive feel to them. The overall feel of the LP is not too dissimilar to what you’d get if you stripped all the beats out of a Pantha Du Prince record - indeed, there is a degree of crossover with PDP’s ambient version of The Triad.

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  1. 1 Heart Murmur 2:48 Kai Niggemann Buy
  2. 2 The Pretty Blaze 5:15 Kai Niggemann Buy
  3. 3 Faint Rumor 6:49 Kai Niggemann Buy
  4. 4 Called Phoenix 2:36 Kai Niggemann Buy
  5. 5 Talk Light 4:38 Kai Niggemann Buy
  6. 6 How a Thing Was Done, Why 2:50 Kai Niggemann Buy
  7. 7 Trilobites 4:13 Kai Niggemann Buy

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