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Return To Jeka
Michal Turtle
Return To Jeka
Music From Memory
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April 2018
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One of the most revered artists in Music from Memory’s back catalogue of unsung fringe music heroes dives into his archives for round two! Better than good news considering how highly we rated the first comp. Here we see Turtle in full experimental mode, opening with faux-ethnic grooves and warped tape experiments that will appeal to fans of Leven Signs and Ramuntcho Matta et al. Another pleasant surprise is the appearance of original ‘Village Voice’ vocalist Lucianne Lassalle, a one-time collaborator whose spell we fell under back in 2015 when we first heard Music From the Living Room. Exciting, mysterious stuff that we look forward to revealing itself after a few more listens.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Snow 5:31 Michal Turtle Buy
  2. 2 Hyper Ethnic Blues 4:51 Michal Turtle Buy
  3. 3 Uiko's Return To Jeka 5:57 Michal Turtle Buy
  4. 4 Dub This Heavy 5:59 Michal Turtle Buy
  5. 5 Feel The Pain 5:45 Michal Turtle Buy
  6. 6 Jovan's Island 6:05 Michal Turtle Buy
  7. 7 On The Plateau 6:31 Michal Turtle Buy
  8. 8 Uiko's Dream 5:22 Michal Turtle Buy

Michal Turtle

Music From Memory

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