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Blue 01
Tessela / Lanark Artefax
Blue 01
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March 2018
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Whities freshly cemented Blue series lines up a doubleheader of chopped UK hardcore from Tessela and a highly lauded Lanark Artefax dubplate. Tessela's Glisten recalls classics like his Hackney Parrot with some ruffneck bassline and chopped 'n' screwed vocal licks, not once letting the bass weight pressure subside throughout its six-minute duration. Lanark's killer Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) finally makes it further than the shelves of the 5 or so lucky enough to score a dubplate of it a few years back. Rolling sci-fi breaks and clattering sci-fi stardom synths adorn the space station dread filled atmosphere. A killer start to what promises to be a series to keep both eyes on.

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  1. 1 Glisten 5:59 Tessela Buy
  2. 2 Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) 5:19 Lanark Artefax Buy


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