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April 2018
11 Clips
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Pressed to 180g heavyweight vinyl. First 100 copies come on transparent vinyl. Artwork by Jazz Syu-Ying Chen, original drawing commissioned for the album.

'Compelling stuff' - FACT Magazine

Eomac is back in 2018 with a brand new album. After an intentionally quiet release schedule in 2017 to focus on developing a new label and presenting a monthly show on Radar Radio, he returns to the album format with the 11-track ‘Reconnect’.

It is his third studio album proper and the first on his burgeoning Eotrax imprint.

Continuing where ‘Bedouin Trax’ and ‘Temple of the Jaguar’ left off, ‘Reconnect’ moves even further from the contemporary dancefloor and club environment and deep into uncharted territory. Drawing influence from traditional Irish music, Haitian voodoo drumming, the raw old-school jungle of Source Direct and the abstract rhythms of Autechre, Eomac has crafted a dense, multi-layered and polyrhythmic exploration of percussion, texture and movement.

Inspired by ideas of ancient ecstatic dances and reconnecting with the wild nature that exists in us all, the album imagines how we might cast off the layers of conditioning and all the limitations that keep us from being fully ourselves. In reconnecting with who we truly are - with earth, mother, nature, spirit and moving away from lies, illusions, dogma and the conditioning we receive in a society that sees us as consumers and objects instead of people - maybe we can find the connections that are needed to embrace a more equal, tolerant future. Maybe we can find the courage and motivation needed to begin dismantling the greed-based, white-male-dominated structures that hold us back.

From the cyclical, trance-inducing rhythms of ‘Ready to Die’ and the title track, to the intense screams of power and anguish in ‘Cry of the Planet’ and ‘Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness’, this is music that seeks to remove any masks and illusions and get to the heart of things. It seeks the essence.

Adopting a heavily sampled approach, ‘Reconnect’ uses Eomac’s own vocals and screams to express both the frustration and pain of living in our current society and also the longing for a freer, wilder mode of existence. These are combined with samples of traditional percussion instruments, in particular the Irish bodhrán, alongside microphone noise and rattling strings and wood to create an ageless dance music, modern and ancient, refined and raw, a cathartic dance in which to lose and find oneself, in which to become wild and free once again.

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  1. 1 Lower Your Gaze 1:18 Eomac
  2. 2 Ready To Die 1:18 Eomac
  3. 3 Language Has Failed Us 1:18 Eomac
  4. 4 Fall, Rise 1:18 Eomac
  5. 5 Other Peoples Fears 0:32 Eomac
  6. 6 Resist All Dogma 1:18 Eomac
  7. 7 Cry Of The Planet 1:00 Eomac
  8. 8 Denounce Everything 1:18 Eomac
  9. 9 Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness 1:18 Eomac
  10. 10 Being, Not Object 1:18 Eomac
  11. 11 Earth And Sky 1:00 Eomac


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