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Aksak Maboul
Un Peu De L'ame Des Bandits
Crammed Discs
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 15, 1980


Originally released in 1980, Aksak Maboul’s groundbreaking LP gets the reissue treatment. Un Peu De L’ame Des Bandits is where it all began for Maboul’s Crammed Discs, and the avant-garde frenzy on Un Peu… must have bent brains out of shape when it first hit the scene. In hindsight it stands alongside Throbbing Gristle’s 20 Jazz Funk Greats and Einstuerzende Neubauten’s Kollaps in ushering in the extreme musics of the continental 1980s. To say that this LP draws on free jazz, punk, industrial music and chamber-pop is to miss the point - it does all that within the first minute of opener ‘A Modern Lesson’. A more accurate statement would be that, on Un Peu De L’ame Des Bandits, Maboul’s fearlessness and vision set the tone for so much that came after.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 A Modern Lesson Aksak Maboul 5:02 Buy

    A Modern Lesson

  2. 2 Palmiers En Pots Aksak Maboul 3:26 Buy

    Palmiers En Pots

  3. 3 Geistige Nacht Aksak Maboul 5:22 Buy

    Geistige Nacht

  4. 4 I Viaggi Formano La Gioventu Aksak Maboul 5:15 Buy

    I Viaggi Formano La Gioventu

  5. 5 Inoculating Rabies Aksak Maboul 2:01 Buy

    Inoculating Rabies

  6. 6 Ce Qu'On Peut Voir Avec Un Bon Microscope Aksak Maboul 7:30 Buy

    Ce Qu'On Peut Voir Avec Un Bon Microscope

  7. 7 Alluvions Aksak Maboul 5:29 Buy


  8. 8 Azinou Crapules Aksak Maboul 7:09 Buy

    Azinou Crapules

  9. 9 Age Route Brra! Aksak Maboul 2:55 Buy

    Age Route Brra!

  10. 10 Bosses De Crosses Aksak Maboul and The Honeymoon Killers 7:02 Buy

    Bosses De Crosses

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