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Ex Nihilo
Bruce Gilbert
Ex Nihilo
Editions Mego
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 2018

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At this point, Bruce Gilbert hardly needs an introduction... If you are indeed unfamiliar with his work, chances are you will know something that has the Gilbert DNA in it somewhere. In terms of sonic scope and sheer magnitude within the all-encompassing the currents running through electronic music from the early proto-punk of TG & Suicide, Coil, the Sahko/Vainio connex and into the multilayered metallics of Dominick Fernow's many aliases. Bruce Gilbert stands as one of the most important figureheads within avant, abstract and underground music as a whole.

With Ex Nihilo he steps into similar realms as his legendary DOME recordings, yet the slivering textures are much more digitized, yet this is digital music like few others can convey. To embrace the audio here is to step into another dimension, one that will swallow you entirely the second you let your guard down. Another incredible album from the master, but would you expect any less?

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  1. 1 Undertow 6:10 Bruce Gilbert Buy
  2. 2 Change and Not 5:14 Bruce Gilbert Buy
  3. 3 Negative Mass 3:50 Bruce Gilbert Buy
  4. 4 In Memory of MV 4:26 Bruce Gilbert Buy
  5. 5 Hymn 4:33 Bruce Gilbert Buy
  6. 6 Black Mirror 3:36 Bruce Gilbert Buy
  7. 7 HA8 5:57 Bruce Gilbert Buy
  8. 8 Nomad 2:47 Bruce Gilbert Buy
  9. 9 Where ? 4:25 Bruce Gilbert Buy

Bruce Gilbert

Editions Mego

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