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Death In Haiti: Funeral Brass Bands & Sounds from Port Au Prince
Félix Blume
Death In Haiti: Funeral Brass Bands & Sounds from Port Au Prince
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March 2018
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This record is credited to the sound artist Felix Blume, but the real creators are the musicians of Haitian capital Port Au Prince. Blume travelled to Haiti in December 2016 to observe and record a series of funerals on the island. Each Haitian funeral features a procession, band and ‘joker’ who cracks wise about the deceased. The tradition exerts a strong influence on the American musical lineage - the brass bands of New Orleans are descended from the ensembles who play at Haitian funerals. Blume’s sensitive chronicle condenses over fifteen hours of recordings into this vivid, evocative release. Out via Discrepant (Meridian Brothers, Pierre Bastien).

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  1. 1 Maestro Walter’s Brass Band “PRAN KWA MWEN” 4:30 Félix Blume Buy
  2. 2 Wake 1:44 Félix Blume Buy
  3. 3 Piano and Screaming 1:53 Félix Blume Buy
  4. 4 Funeral Procession “AMI FIDÈLE ET TENDRE” 2:46 Félix Blume Buy
  5. 5 Last Prayer 0:58 Félix Blume Buy
  6. 6 Prayers, Singings and Maestro Midouin’s Saxophone Solo 4:33 Félix Blume Buy
  7. 7 Maestro Walter’s Brass Band “MOURI JODI” 4:16 Félix Blume Buy
  8. 8 Last Words 0:52 Félix Blume Buy
  9. 9 Maestro Turenne’s Brass Band “LOT BO RIVYE A” 3:40 Félix Blume Buy
  10. 10 Marijuana, Rhum and Music around the Grave 2:46 Félix Blume Buy
  11. 11 Maestro Ronald’s Brass Band “JESUS SAUVEUR” 4:51 Félix Blume Buy
  12. 12 Cries 2:13 Félix Blume Buy
  13. 13 Maestro Turenne’s Brass Band “PITYE” 4:05 Félix Blume Buy
  14. 14 Blagueur Ti Batau, Last Joke 1:35 Félix Blume Buy

Félix Blume


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