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Dian L
Kink Gong
Dian L
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March 2018
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New gear on Discrepant is always a good thing in our books. Here they present Laurent Jeanneau’s field recording manipulations across four sides of vinyl. Two epic side long compositions on one disc, and a nice amount of shorter tracks on the other. Those on the second disc are genre-bending, cross-cultural computer music of the highest order. We have no direct comparisons to make and urge you to check these for yourself! The two minute cuts rank among our favourite, probably for their ever so slight similarity to MPC driven hip-hop beats.

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  1. 1 Soundscape China, Pt. 1 20:16 Kink Gong
  2. 2 Soundscape China, Pt. 2 19:31 Kink Gong
  3. 3 BA 4:54 Kink Gong Buy
  4. 4 WO 5:05 Kink Gong Buy
  5. 5 HIT QIN QIN 3:58 Kink Gong Buy
  6. 6 JING JIU 2:42 Kink Gong Buy
  7. 7 SHANGHAI 2:41 Kink Gong Buy
  8. 8 JI 4:58 Kink Gong Buy
  9. 9 SKIP 3:08 Kink Gong Buy
  10. 10 MEYO PANGFA 4:32 Kink Gong Buy
  11. 11 PINGTAN 2:20 Kink Gong Buy
  12. 12 BAI STREET DANCE 2:45 Kink Gong Buy

Kink Gong


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