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February 2018
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Wild and unique sound art from Taiwanese performer Jing on legendary techno visionary Steve Bicknell’s new 6dimensions label. Our two narrators find support in moody soundscapes that conjure up images of vast oceans and the monotone humming of shipping containers in the night. Sounding part installation work part avant-garde performance soundtrack this is a really interesting addition to Bicknell’s hard-to-pigeonhole powerhouse. Allow yourself to become submerged in Jing’s erratic sound world and feel the sheer power of tracks like ‘Meaning of Pupil’! Perhaps the most complete work yet from this regular of Berlin’s art circuit.

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  1. 1 Door 1:12 Jing Buy
  2. 2 She's A Peeler 3:28 Jing Buy
  3. 3 3mm 0:46 Jing Buy
  4. 4 Amalgam 3:11 Jing Buy
  5. 5 Permission 1:36 Jing Buy
  6. 6 Go 3:18 Jing Buy
  7. 7 I Don?t Think I Should Shout 0:21 Jing Buy
  8. 8 Meaning Of Pupil 3:00 Jing Buy
  9. 9 Sheded 0:48 Jing Buy
  10. 10 It Used To Be A Dream Of Mine 4:11 Jing Buy
  11. 11 The Dilemma Of A Sinner 0:55 Jing Buy
  12. 12 Yet To Begin 2:21 Jing Buy
  13. 13 Continous Mix 24:42 Jing


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