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The Bomb: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Acid
The Bomb: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Infectious Music
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February 2018
  • Vinyl 1×LP $30.99

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Adam Freeland’s The Acid project’s soundtrack to the award-winning 2015 documentary The Bomb finally gets a release all of its own. As befits a film that deals with a potential nuclear apocalypse, The Bomb is large in scale, yet full of eerie space. There is a sense of emptiness behind each great plume of reverb and buzzing synth here, and The Acid explore this room to poignant effect. Sonically, the work touches on Mogwai, Kraftwerk and golden-era Aphex Twin. Also, The Bomb was performed live at the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony when the award was given to the International Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which you have to admit is pretty impressive.

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  1. 1 Earth 0:29 The Acid
  2. 2 Marching 0:29 The Acid
  3. 3 The Bomb (Theme I) 0:29 The Acid
  4. 4 Accidents 0:29 The Acid
  5. 5 Testing 0:29 The Acid
  6. 6 Feed 0:29 The Acid
  7. 7 Propaganda 0:29 The Acid
  8. 8 Duck and Cover 2.0 0:29 The Acid
  9. 9 Onyx 0:29 The Acid
  10. 10 Clean 0:29 The Acid
  11. 11 Modern Propaganda 0:29 The Acid
  12. 12 Veda 0:29 The Acid

The Acid

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