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February 2018
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Recondite returns to Plangent (Pantha Du Prince, Alex.Do) for an LP of eerie almost-techno. Picking up from last year’s Theater II EP, the dozen entries on Daemmerlicht are curious things. Take the eponymous opener - stick it on and, given how quietly it begins, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you had bought a faulty copy. The track continues to skulk in the corners of the speakers while growing into a bit of strangely beguiling downtempo electronica. As the album winds on and other tracks follow the lead of the cautious opener, one gets the impression that this would be what Portishead would sound like had they originated from Berlin rather than Bristol.

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  1. 1 Daemmerlicht 4:11 Recondite Buy
  2. 2 Durch Den Hohlweg 7:28 Recondite Buy
  3. 3 Lichtung 5:24 Recondite Buy
  4. 4 Hoehlenlichter 4:09 Recondite Buy
  5. 5 Der Steinmetz 3:05 Recondite Buy
  6. 6 Von Der Kanzel 3:31 Recondite Buy
  7. 7 Am Tag Danach 4:31 Recondite Buy
  8. 8 Im Holz 3:32 Recondite Buy
  9. 9 Im Regen 2:08 Recondite Buy
  10. 10 Am Sonntag 4:28 Recondite Buy
  11. 11 Unten 4:51 Recondite Buy
  12. 12 Immer Da 4:48 Recondite Buy


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