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Phantom Thread (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Jonny Greenwood
Phantom Thread (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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April 2018
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Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film The Phantom Thread has been winning plaudits left, right and centre since its release. This is in no small part down to Jonny Greenwood’s score, a score which has already received a Golden Globe nomination. Having previously provided music for Anderson features such as There Will Be Blood and The Master, Greenwood here combines both the Philip Glass-inspired string work of those scores with influences of twelve-tone serialism, Romantic chamber music and electroacoustic practice. While many of the interludes and challenging and complex, moments like the second ‘Phantom Thread’ theme are as lush as a Brahms violin concerto.

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  1. 1 Phantom Thread I 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
  2. 2 The Hem 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
  3. 3 Sandalwood I 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
  4. 4 The Tailor Of Fitzrovia 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
  5. 5 Alma 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
  6. 6 Boletus Felleus 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
  7. 7 Phantom Thread II 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
  8. 8 Catch Hold 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
  9. 9 Never Cursed 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
  10. 10 That's As May Be 0:30 Jonny Greenwood
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