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Chill Out
Chill Out
Kontra Musik
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April 2018
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The fiftieth release from Kontra-Musik (Echospace, TM404) marks a welcome return to the party from Mokira. The Swedish producer’s first LP in seven years sees him channelling the vibe of MTV’s erstwhile late-night broadcast the Chill Out Zone. Much like the ambient music played out on the TV programme, Chill Out (see what he did there) does what it says on the tin. The six tracks here are inquisitive, pretty little things. Bleeps, bloops, drones, whooshes, pulses and plenty more machine sounds pepper the atmosphere, while the basslines often show a digital dub influence. There is a faint chillwave flavour to some of the keyboard playing too - fitting, considering so many chillwave classics have lifted from the golden age of Music Television.

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  1. 1 Flak Bib 5:02 Mokira Buy
  2. 2 Octa Octaves 6:48 Mokira Buy
  3. 3 Kobbar 5:32 Mokira Buy
  4. 4 Cuchla Congos 5:11 Mokira Buy
  5. 5 Cancelled Show in Paris 6:24 Mokira Buy
  6. 6 Uluuuu 6:20 Mokira Buy
  7. 7 Chill Out (Extensive Mixed Version of Album) 68:03 Mokira


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