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Metal Slug
Takushi Hiyamuta
Metal Slug
Data Discs
Catalogue Number
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February 2018
  • Vinyl 1×LP $36.49
    • Pressed on 180g opaque yellow coloured vinyl
    • Packaged in a gatefold sleeve with accompanying double-sided lithographic insert, featuring rare artwork from the Japanese archives and a special translucent OBI strip with fluorescent Pantone print
    • Includes lossy and lossless digital download code

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More Japanese soundtrack work on Data Discs, this time collating music from the original 1996 video game release and carefully restoring the audio at the in house Data Disc studio in London. Top shoot em up game that should be familiar to most! We’ll admit we had no recollection of the soundtrack but upon listening we’re back in the zone. Rolling military percussion, crazy noise fx and the same myriad of wild 8bit jazz-funk-electro sounds that Data Disc are known for. Great attention to detail on the package as per!

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  1. 1 Intro (Title Screen) 0:06 Takushi Hiyamuta
  2. 2 The Military System (Operation Explanation/Ranking) 0:29 Takushi Hiyamuta
  3. 3 Main Theme From Metal Slug (Stage 1) 2:00 Takushi Hiyamuta
  4. 4 Inner Station (Stage 2) 2:00 Takushi Hiyamuta
  5. 5 Assault Theme (Stage 3) 2:00 Takushi Hiyamuta
  6. 6 Steel Beast 5Beats (Boss Stage) 1:08 Takushi Hiyamuta
  7. 7 Carry Out (Stage Clear)   Takushi Hiyamuta
  8. 8 Ridge 256 (Stage 4) 2:00 Takushi Hiyamuta
  9. 9 Gerhardt City (Stage 5) 1:26 Takushi Hiyamuta
  10. 10 Final Attack (Stage 6) 2:00 Takushi Hiyamuta
  11. 11 End Title (Final Performance 1P) 1:13 Takushi Hiyamuta
  12. 12 Hold You Still! (Final Performance 2P) 2:00 Takushi Hiyamuta
  13. 13 Gravestone (Game Over) 0:14 Takushi Hiyamuta

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