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The Brown Elbow Conspiracy
The Brown Elbow Conspiracy
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January 2018
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The six tracks of I-F’s The Brown Elbow Conspiracy fall into two sub-strata of acid. On one side of the divide are the cuts that set their stall out for melody. ‘Torment’, ‘Energy Vampire’ and ‘The Wanderer’ are all tuneful to greater or lesser degrees. The first two marry perky 808 grooves to thin, frosty monophonic melodies; ‘The Wanderer’, with its deft interplay of lead line and bass, is the pick of the bunch. Going up against them are the other three entries here. ‘Spiegelbeeld’, ‘A Day in the Forest’ and ‘Sloth’ are tracks that, if not want to watch the world burn, then certainly the dancefloor. Each one sees a rhythm bounce obscured by some very zany synth work, with ‘A Day in the Forest’ a particularly pleasing system malfunction.

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  1. 1 Torment 2:00 I-F
  2. 2 Spiegelbeeld 2:00 I-F
  3. 3 Energy Vampire 2:00 I-F
  4. 4 A Day In The Forest 2:00 I-F
  5. 5 Sloth 2:00 I-F
  6. 6 The Wanderer 2:00 I-F



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