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The Bright
The Bright
Gang Of Ducks
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 2018
  • Vinyl, EP

    • + MP3
    • Transparent vinyl with a white silk screen design and hand stamped cat. number
    • Includes screen printed artwork

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Chicago circuit-bender Ben Billington produces otherworldly glitch music that always seems on the point of falling apart yet manages to keep things together as it lurches forward. The likes of ‘Aware’ and ‘The Bright’ bring to mind Oval if Markus Popp did everything at twice the speed. Pummelling drums are wed to dead-hotline beep tones and alien electronic screes on tracks like ‘Purge’. However, it is these moments of intensity that allow the oases of calm to come through with greater clarity - just see how the aforementioned ‘Purge’ is followed by the lovely ‘My Moon’, an oblique cousin of Radiohead’s ‘Sail To The Moon’. Comes with three freaky remixes by Brett Naucke, Khaki Blazer and Shit & Shine.

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  1. 1 Flinch 3:51 Quicksails
  2. 2 Aware 3:57 Quicksails
  3. 3 The Bright 4:07 Quicksails
  4. 4 Purge 3:19 Quicksails
  5. 5 My Moon 2:31 Quicksails
  6. 6 My Moon (Brett Naucke Remix) featuring Brett Naucke 5:11 Quicksails
  7. 7 The Bright (Khaki Blazer Remix) featuring Khaki Blazer 4:34 Quicksails
  8. 8 Purge (Shit & Shine Remix) featuring Shit & Shine 4:06 Quicksails


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