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Water, Sky, Sun, Wood
Mule Musiq
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 23, 2018

Mule Musiq (Lake People, Auntie Flo) front this extended minimal house paean from German trio Wareika. Though Wareika have worked with the label before in different guises - they provided a remix of Jemmy’s ‘Hierotrip’ back in 2015, while group member Florian Schirmacher’s Glowing Glisses project dropped on the label in 2008 - Water, Sky, Sun, Wood is their first full release on MM. The trio take this opportunity to push the format to the limit. Water, Sky, Sun, Wood is a single track that covers four sides of vinyl, with the CD release also containing the dreamy bonus cut ‘Mind’. While the group’s approach brings to mind comparisons with Ricardo Villalobos and other minimal heavyweights, the music here is unusually deft and textured. It takes real compositional chops to let a beat run for this long and hold the listener’s attention, but Wareika manage it here, utilising piano, synths, guitar and more to create a hallucinatory opus.


Mule Musiq

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