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Four indonesian Electronic Pieces 1979-1984
Otto Sidharta
Four indonesian Electronic Pieces 1979-1984
Sub Rosa
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January 2018
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The Sub Rosa guys dig real deep here and provide Indonesian composer Otto Sidharta with his first proper physical release in over forty years of practice. Here they present four long form pieces that showcase Sidharta’s interest in environmental sound art and field recording manipulation. The LP opens with ‘Ngendau’, a beautiful twelve minute piece utilising bird calls, water sounds and children playing. ‘Nature’ and ‘Saluang’ are slightly darker affairs, full of twists and turns and droning ‘dark’ ambient. For fans of Pierre Henry, Valerio Tricoli et al.

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  1. 1 Nature  11:58 Otto Sidharta
  2. 2 Ngendau 12:35 Otto Sidharta
  3. 3 Gamelan 11:29 Otto Sidharta
  4. 4 Gong 8:10 Otto Sidharta Buy
  5. 5 Chimes 10:49 Otto Sidharta
  6. 6 P&G 12:52 Otto Sidharta
  7. 7 Lorong  8:03 Otto Sidharta Buy
  8. 8 Saluang 10:33 Otto Sidharta
  9. 9 Sal  9:39 Otto Sidharta Buy
  10. 10 Co2 10:39 Otto Sidharta
  11. 11 Nglanglang 13:17 Otto Sidharta
  12. 12 Perc & Gliss 10:53 Otto Sidharta
  13. 13 Listrik  6:04 Otto Sidharta Buy
  14. 14 Mitsuno Hibiki 13:22 Otto Sidharta

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