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Fist & Shout
Fist & Shout
Domestic Exile
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 2018

Now known as Total Leatherette due to a clash of names with a Wolverhampton beat group, this tape from the Glasgow duo dropped back in 2016 when they went by their single-word title. Not only could Fist And Shout claim to have the best title of anything released in that year, but it’s also got the tunes to back it up. The music is born of a sleazy brew of influences - the cap is doffed to Bauhaus, coldwave, power electronics, '80s porno music and the bleak grooviness of NYC post-punks like Liquid Liquid across these nine tracks. Fist And Shout is best listened to at night.

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  1. 1 Coma Officer 1:59 Leatherette
  2. 2 National Handbag 1:59 Leatherette
  3. 3 Beige Hook 1:59 Leatherette
  4. 4 Our Sister Lady Heart 1:59 Leatherette
  5. 5 Squeeze Hunk 1:59 Leatherette
  6. 6 Full Nun 1:46 Leatherette
  7. 7 Satin Sensibility 1:59 Leatherette
  8. 8 Cruiser 1:59 Leatherette
  9. 9 Whoudini 1:59 Leatherette

Domestic Exile

Minimal Wave and Post-punk

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