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Time Flying Beats
Time Flying Beats
Leaving Records
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January 2018
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LA beat stalwart Matthewdavid comes through with a group of unreleased trunk-rattlers. If that album artwork hadn’t already let on to you, then this is a resolutely West Coast collection, full of abstracted beatwork and spacey, New Age-indebted atmospheres. The likes of ‘Lines and Lattice’ and ‘Ode To Low End’ - by which he means LA’s famed club night The Low End Theory - are as good as anything he’s put out on Brainfeeder over the years. It’s not all fidgeting finger-drumming though - on tracks like ‘Contemporary’, a club-friendly banger that sounds like a reworking of Dead Prez’s ‘Hip Hop’, we can tell that Matthewdavid has been taking notes on the work FlyLo/Thundercat have done for Kendrick Lamar in recent times.

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  1. 1 PSA 0:18 Matthewdavid Buy
  2. 2 Time Flying 1:43 Matthewdavid Buy
  3. 3 Contemporary 1:42 Matthewdavid Buy
  4. 4 Better Way 1:35 Matthewdavid Buy
  5. 5 Yearns Out 2:59 Matthewdavid Buy
  6. 6 Flow with The Go 2:41 Matthewdavid Buy
  7. 7 Slipppin' 1:44 Matthewdavid Buy
  8. 8 Ode to Low End 1:47 Matthewdavid Buy
  9. 9 Millennial Midnight 1:36 Matthewdavid Buy
  10. 10 Diamond Ring Lit 1:23 Matthewdavid Buy
  11. 11 Lines and Lattice 1:44 Matthewdavid Buy
  12. 12 Into the Night Instrumental 1:58 Matthewdavid Buy
  13. 13 Desert Moon 1:36 Matthewdavid Buy
  14. 14 Secret Rooms of Tokyo 6:48 Matthewdavid Buy
  15. 15 Sailboat Voyage 4:14 Matthewdavid Buy


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