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The latest Ghost Box transmission arrives in the form of dream-folk group Beautify Junkyards new album The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards. Leaving behind the labels recent electronic sessions from PYE Corner Audio and the far-flung dub library sounds of ToiToiToi for an acidic trip into some totally Wyatt countryside sounds.

Sitting perfectly on the edge of the folk stone circle that circulates around the outside of the Ghost Box label's imagery, Beautify Junkyards are possibly the most outlandishly indie project to arrive on the label yet. Though for the library electronica junkies don't let these tags put you off, this music is indie-folk in fittingly the most hauntological sense imaginable. It could be forgiven for imagining elements of influence for the album have been pulled from the more psychedelic bloodline that runs through the LSD drenched pastoral sounds of Julian Cope's Fried, Coil's Ape Of Naples and The Fates Furia. Yet take these reference points lightly, as this record may not be the cornerstone modern day Avebury adventure soundtrack you assume it could become. Digging in deep, the indie elements are ever present, yet the British acid-folk, tropicalia and German kosmiche influences do shine on strongly. Keeping the music on an ever meandering journey into and out of each genre it hazily bumps into on its path.

While we would not be surprised if we were to hear some of these tracks being span by Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music in the not too distant future, Beautify Junkyards may not be to everyone's taste, but if you are one of the many that will happily follow Ghost Box in whichever adventure they decide to lead you down, you will find much to enjoy here. For anyone else interested in experimenting, with Springtime just around the corner, The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards is a mind expanding trip best taken with a dose of sunshine, an experience we imagine wholeheartedly many will take again once they have gone through it the first time around.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Ghost Dance 4:36 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  2. 2 Sybil´s Dream 3:28 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  3. 3 Prism 4:10 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  4. 4 Half Marble 3:55 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  5. 5 Golden Apples of the Sun 4:03 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  6. 6 Echo Chamber 1:16 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  7. 7 Manhã Tropical 1:10 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  8. 8 Aquarius 3:38 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  9. 9 Shelter 4:20 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  10. 10 Cabeça-Flor 3:31 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  11. 11 Claridade 3:28 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  12. 12 Sorceress 2:46 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  13. 13 The Masque of the Hidden Garden 4:03 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  14. 14 May Day Eve 3:37 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy
  15. 15 Trackways 1:39 Beauitfy Junkyards Buy

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