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Agent Im Objekt
Jung An Tagen
Agent Im Objekt
Editions Mego
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 2018
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New experimental synth gear on Peter Rehberg’s Mego label, one of our go-to outlets for mind bending electronics for a long time now. Aside from having some of the oddest track titles we’ve seen in a while, Agent Im Objekt is a futuristic leaning exploration into timbre, texture and structure for the open minded dance floor. Not strictly dance music by design, Tagen’s compositions reflect those Morphine issues of Charles Cohen’s buchla work. Avant-garde sketches that utilise repetitive beats yet somehow retain an overarching, amorphous form. Check ‘[3] is now known as 0’

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 20:02 [3] starts logging #public 2:42 Jung An Tagen Buy
  2. 2 20:03 HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? 3:32 Jung An Tagen Buy
  3. 3 20:03 IT WAS TOTALLY INVISIBLE 4:05 Jung An Tagen Buy
  4. 4 20:32 8°13'03.6 4:02 Jung An Tagen Buy
  5. 5 20:36 [3] is now known as 0 4:27 Jung An Tagen Buy
  6. 6 20:37 ... (idle for 38mn) 0:02 Jung An Tagen Buy
  7. 7 21:14 IT'S BURIED OUT THERE 0:54 Jung An Tagen Buy
  8. 8 22:53 [0] sets mode 4:07 Jung An Tagen Buy
  9. 9 22:54 ... (layer two) 0:03 Jung An Tagen Buy
  10. 10 23:02 NINE SECONDS LOST 4:09 Jung An Tagen Buy
  11. 11 23:08 THIS WAS THE LAST MESSAGE 3:58 Jung An Tagen Buy
  12. 12 23:59 [0] off (Ping timeout: 2sec) 2:47 Jung An Tagen Buy

Jung An Tagen

Editions Mego

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