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January 2018
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Unbalanced is the debut EP from London-based artist Haich.

This 6-tracker presents a body of work that is intrinsically mature in its way of approaching the theme of transitioning into adulthood, as the 22-year-old takes us through the personal struggles of his own perplexingly awkward yet beautiful universe.

Paradoxically the EP's theme teaches us all a great deal of a lesson here, with the concept of youth transforming into adulthood translating itself into a multi-genre piece of work that evolves, revolves and morphs into different and unexpected directions - just like life. Unbalanced is a brilliant representation of your early 20ies, when, as the artist sings 'nothing is set in stone' and everything is up for experimentation - for instance Pariah, being a mix of warm strings and dreamy vocals applied to a strong grime bass.

A blissful - and bassful - experience from an artist of which surely we'll hear loads more from...

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  1. 1 Pariah 3:34 Haich Buy
  2. 2 Impossible 3:55 Haich Buy
  3. 3 Stone 3:49 Haich Buy
  4. 4 Hypocrite 3:36 Haich Buy
  5. 5 Don't Go 3:42 Haich Buy
  6. 6 Chance 2:46 Haich Buy


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