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Paper Dollhouse
Nightside A: Selected Dreams 2012-2014 (Volume 2)
MoonDome Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 2, 2018
  • Cassette Album Bundle

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    • Nightside black library cassette
    • Plutonic rainbow MoonDome sticker
    • A5 photo insert
    • Housed inside a glassine sleeve
    • One time pressing of 80 copies

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Paper Dollhouse presents Nightside A: Selected Dreams 2012-2014, the second part of the archival series of recordings following on from Cellophane L: Selected Dreams 2010 - 2013, released on the group's MoonDome imprint. Recorded in the aftermath of the group's debut A Box Painted Black and around the time of their Folklore Tapes entry with fellow Finders Keepers artist Magpahi, the sounds explored on Nightside A overlap with the Cellophane L recordings, but whilst they were focused on subliminal electronics and expansive goth-folk, Nightside A reflects its title in that it explores the more darkside elements of industrial cold-wave techno of labels such as Sandwell District & Frozen Border that were feeding heavily into the group's listening habits. Opening with the resonant splashes of Raindrops, the scene is set for what is to follow. An echo chamber of claustrophobic atmospheres and icy post-punk militarism. Unicorn slowly unfolds into a half-time techno roller stripped of the kick drum and transporting to the scene left behind on Empty- Rave (DREAMSTATE2). Crayons continues the dub techno sidestep with a strong sidewinder grime transmission current before Eno pays homage to Discreet Music but moves it into more secretive areas that mirror the metal sheet ambience of Harry Bertoia. Helium Balloon continues on the trajectory towards the more rave gear whilst Mermaid submerges the scenery deep in the audio cinematography of Czech new wave cult favorite Malá Morská Víla. The album's second half in the drowning concrete of Soviet before Chicago comes up for air, giving light to the group's more electronic-pop proceedings. Guitar Space Echo delve further into the experimental atmospheres of 92 - 94 jungle which is most evident on the caustic breakbeats of Gremlins. Coney Island Ice Cream Techno and Chimes further the moving shadow of hardcore and drum & bass creeping in, but the scene is set into a cinematic end with the glass like icicles of Edward that rain down sharply on the closing gasps. Nightside A brings the Selected Dreams series to a close for the time being, but while the land explored on these first two volumes show where the group was at in the early 2000's, the sphere of influences they delved into: darkside-breakbeat, hypno-industrial, goth-pop & dread-drone have left a lasting shadow that will stretch further into the distance.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Raindrops 1:35 Buy
  2. 2 Unicorn 5:58 Buy
  3. 3 Crayons 1:37 Buy
  4. 4 Eno 3:05 Buy
  5. 5 Helium Balloon 4:39 Buy

    Helium Balloon

  6. 6 Mermaid Song 2:25 Buy
  7. 7 Soviet 1:22 Buy
  8. 8 Chicago 2:33 Buy
  9. 9 Guitar Effect Space 6:00 Buy

    Guitar Effect Space

  10. 10 Gremlins 5:18 Buy
  11. 11 Coney Island Ice Cream Techno 2:16 Buy

    Coney Island Ice Cream Techno

  12. 12 Chimes 4:27 Buy
  13. 13 Edward 7:07 Buy

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