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Sounds of Sisso
Various Artists
Sounds of Sisso
Nyege Nyege Tapes
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 2018

Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Tapes drop a compilation focussing on the exciting underground of the Tanzanian city of Dar Es Salaam. The current music of choice among the city’s youth is Singeli, a genre described by one reviewer on the label’s Bandcamp page as ‘hardcore gabba [sic] the [A]frican way’. It certainly is a heady broth of a sound - the beats come thick and fast, hyperactive melodies zip in and out of tracks, and MCs spit in a quick sing-song style that would prove a match for any jungle toaster. This release focuses on the community around Dar Es Salaam’s Sisso Records studio, giving some Western shine to a talented pool of artists.

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  1. 1 Baba Animata Natafuta Kiki (feat S Kide) 2:00 Bwax
  2. 2 Kazi Ya Mungu Haina Makosa26 2:00 Dogo Suma Lupozi
  3. 3 Polisi 2:00 Dogo Niga
  4. 4 Ndugulawama 2:00 Dogo Mudiy
  5. 5 Mshamba Wa Kideo 2:00 Mzee Wa Bwax
  6. 6 Kimbau Mbau 2:00 Dogo Niga
  7. 7 Chafu Pozi 2:00 Ganzi Mdudu
  8. 8 Nikwite Nan 2:00 Dogo Niga
  9. 9 Mshamba Video Mster 2:00 Mzee Wa Bwax
  10. 10 Nammiliki 2:00 Makaveli
  11. 11 Roho Inauma 2:00 Maeke, Pasopa & Mako
  12. 12 Shobo 2:00 Csso
  13. 13 Tenanatena Rmx Cisso 2:00 Dogo Niga Aka Bobani
  14. 14 TMK 2:00 Suma

Nyege Nyege Tapes

Kuduro / Cumbia / Gqom / Hybrid

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