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  • Box Set, 4×LP

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    • Initial quantity sold out - second batch landing in stock this Tuesday 16th January
    • Limited edition box set of the sold out 2014–2016 cassettes:
    • Merry May
    • Crown of Light (Midsummer Traditions and Folklore)
    • Fore Hallowe’en
    • Midwinter Rites and Revelries
    • Forty-page booklet with illustrations, research notes and an in-depth calendar customs essay by Jez Winship
    • Four postcards featuring original artwork by David Chatton Barker
    • A unique photogram print
    • Hand-numbered and stamped litho-print box
    • Limited edition of 250 copies only
    • Download code redeemable from the label

The Calendar Customs box set contains the first-ever vinyl LP editions of the long sold out cassette compilations Fore Hallowe'en (FTCCI), Merry May (FTCCII), Mid-Winter Rites & Revelries (FTCCIII) & Crown Of Light (Midsummer Traditions & Folklore) (FTCCIV).

Made in a run of 250 units only, this deluxe, lovingly produced box set features cherished archival recordings from Clinic's Carl Turney & Brian Campbell, Magpahi, Mary Stark, Rob St John, Sam McLoughlin & of course David Orphan.

Here is what we said of each release on its first time around:

Fore Hallowe'en (FTCCI): "Something wicked this way comes; Folklore Tapes continue their journey into the darkest alcoves of Britain’s folkloric roots and bring us this compilation which journeys back to the origins of Halloween and finds the Celtic festival Samhain. This release is just as unsettling as it is fascinating with supernatural themes seeping through the speakers on rectified cuts like 'Lullaby for Nosferatu' and 'Aos Si'. The holier sounds of Rob St John’s Old Growth don’t come without a hint of the paranormal celebrations that this release focuses on."

Merry May (FTCCII): "May day is the annual turning of the seasons from Winter to Spring and in truest Folklore form they have chosen to celebrate this with 'Merry May' almost acting as a companion piece to the Fore Hallowe'en boxset Merry May is packed with tracks of uplifting warmth."

Mid-Winter Rites & Revelries (FTCCIII): "Folklore Tapes embrace the other side of winter with this new, frosty folk soundtrack, as the year's colours drain away and the snow starts falling, Folklore Tapes have enlisted the help of label regulars Dean McPhee, Rob St John, Sam McLoughlin, Magpahi Ian Humberstone, Carl Turney & Brian Campbell and more to come together and reach out a crystal branch to pull us through the mist into the new year."

Crown Of Light (Midsummer Traditions & Folklore) (FTCCIV): "Now for most of you who live in the city, midsummer will probably pass by without much notice, when the sky is a polluted orange and the endless glow of insomniac street lights keep everything on a 24/7 axis, it's releases like this from the Folklore Tapes label that can act as a reminder as well as a way to transport you to the grassy isles of Anworth and beyond and a reminder of the changing of seasons and the importance of this within older societies. Crown Of Light is a beautifully composed and compiled compilation of psychedelic, warm glow folk for those stuck in the city, in need of an escape if only for a short while."

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  1. 1 SumerIsIcumenIn Carl Turney & Brian Campbell 6:00
  2. 2 Beltane, Isle of Mull: Need-Fire and Milking Cows Through Cake The Blue Funz 5:05
  3. 3 Minehead Hobby Horse Arianne Churchman 3:41
  4. 4 Bringing in the May Rob St John 4:58
  5. 5 The Hunting of the Earl of Rone Ian Humberstone 2:18
  6. 6 Wish Before Sunrise (May Dewing) Mary & David 5:18
  7. 7 I want to sing like the birds sing… Sam McLoughlin 3:33
  8. 8 Hawthorne Malcolm Benzie 3:31
  9. 9 Solar Spell Mary & David 5:02
  10. 10 Making The Pyre At St. Cleer David A Jaycock 3:23
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