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Ghostly International
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 2018
  • Vinyl, 1×LP

    • 2018 remaster by Daddy Kev
    • Matte finish vinyl jacket
    • Includes download code redeemable from the label of both One/Three and the Payback EP

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Dabrye's debut album One/Three gets a fresh remaster and first ever vinyl cut from Ghostly in wake of the game-changing triptych being brought to a close with Three/Three.

In many ways, One/Three was the catalyst that really pushed the emerging instrumental hip-hop and electronic beats scene into the limelight. Its influence was felt through the work that followed from some of the new biggest names within the scene, everyone from FlyLo, Ras G Samiyam and the L.A. squad to FaltyDL via Mike Slott, HudMo and Harmonic 313.

One Three not only planted the roots for much of this sound but it also mapped out the blueprint for much of Tadd Mullinix's other projects that were to come, from SK-1's rewind riddims, JTC's jacking acid and through to the more recent Bopside beats of Charles Manier.

One/Three is still after all of these years, an incredibly well-crafted selection of electronic focused hip-hop that not only borrows much from the time's key players such as Prefuse 73 but is also notable for incorporating elements of the breaks scene and even trip-hop. All in all its stood the test of time well, not sounding outdated and no longer trying to imagine the future.

One/Three saw Dabrye choosing to focus on the hear and now, not chasing a few years later destined to sound outdated imagining of the future, and even after 17 years, his beats stand the test of time to make this one of the key releases of that unique/rather odd time when electronica and hip-hop were so closely linked.

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  1. 1 The Lish 3:55 Dabrye Buy
  2. 2 We've Got Commodity 2:32 Dabrye Buy
  3. 3 With a Professional 3:49 Dabrye Buy
  4. 4 I'm Missing You 3:45 Dabrye Buy
  5. 5 How Many Times [With This] 3:48 Dabrye Buy
  6. 6 Truffle No Shuffle 3:25 Dabrye Buy
  7. 7 Hyped-Up Plus Tax 3:36 Dabrye Buy
  8. 8 Smoking the Edge 3:13 Dabrye Buy
  9. 9 So Scientific 3:49 Dabrye Buy
  10. 10 Hot Mating Ritual 3:07 Dabrye Buy
  11. 11 Making It Pay 3:27 Dabrye Buy
  12. 12 Hyped-Up Plus Tax (Outputmessage RMX) 3:33 Dabrye Buy
  13. 13 Dabrye 73.3 (Prefuse 73 Remix) 5:40 Dabrye Buy


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