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Ghostly International
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January 2018
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Originally released in 2002 on Prefuse 73's Eastern Developments. Describing the album perfectly, Prefuse at the time was quoted as saying: "Dabrye’s beats are like Jay Dee getting crunked up with Autechre”

Dabrye's One/Three follow up 'Instrmntl' saw him sidestep the ambient 'n' glitch sound he was to make his own in the coming decades, and dive headlong into a fresh for the time form of low-slung electronic hip-hop that would cement him later down the line as one of the sound and scene's very best.

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  1. 1 Intrdctn. 1:13 Dabrye Buy
  2. 2 Won 3:35 Dabrye Buy
  3. 3 No Child of God 4:09 Dabrye Buy
  4. 4 D-Town Tabernacle Choir 4:20 Dabrye Buy
  5. 5 You Know the Formula Right? 3:32 Dabrye Buy
  6. 6 Evelyn 4:36 Dabrye Buy
  7. 7 This Is Where I Came In 3:26 Dabrye Buy
  8. 8 Prospects (Marshall Law) 3:26 Dabrye Buy
  9. 9 Take Me Home 1:45 Dabrye Buy
  10. 10 Gimme Lowlands 4:05 Dabrye Buy


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Ghostly International

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