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Pool Daze (HVL & Kiyadama mixes)
Pool Daze (HVL & Kiyadama mixes)
Organic Analogue Records
Catalogue Number
OA 005
Release Date
March 2018
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Rising talent Aleks joins Jeremiah R, HVL, DJ Guy and MNLTH in the Organic Analogue realm of spiritual sonic exploration.

The Amsterdam-based producer has already made a name for himself in the past few years with his penchant for sci-fi imagery and impeccable hardware jams, hence he feels like a natural fit for OA.

This double L.P release provides the chance to hear some of the breadth in Aleks productions, from ambient submersions to Detroitian techno and sharp edged 303 resonance that skirts the divide between jacking club material and emotional content.

HVL returns to OA with a frankly stunning remix of "Pool Daze" that steps up to the giants of early electronica.

As an additional treat, the Georgian producer has also donned his Kiyadama guise for the eight-minute psych-out "Acid Expansion Remix" of "Void".

Capturing the foggy time-slip quality of the dancefloor with a sound that could just as easily come from the late morning, the Pool Daze L.P. is equally comfortable as another thread in the OA tapestry

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  1. 1 Void 2:00 Aleks
  2. 2 Gone Home 2:00 Aleks
  3. 3 NTH 2:01 Aleks
  4. 4 Hush 2:01 Aleks
  5. 5 Heavy Rain 2:01 Aleks
  6. 6 City Break 2:01 Aleks
  7. 7 Pool Daze 1:57 Aleks
  8. 8 Pool Daze (HVL's Malfunction mix) 2:01 Aleks
  9. 9 Void (Kiyadama's Acid Expansion) 2:00 Aleks

Organic Analogue Records

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