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Medium: Paranormal Field Recordings and Compositions, 1901-2017 collects together some of the most exquisitely claustrophobic and spectral recordings to ever be etched into wax. The recordings contained set out to consider how intangible vestiges of the past complicate, and in fact, haunt our contemporary world.

Produced as the sonic counterpart to the Zuckerman Museum of Art’s ‘Medium' exhibition. Medium: Paranormal Field Recordings and Compositions contains a selection of nocturnal recordings that go a long way to educate on the intertwining links between sound recording and spiritualism throughout the decades. While the accompanying sleeves notes detail the history of The Spiritualist movement of the late 1900s and the use of mediums as vessels to express the musings of 'ghosts'. The audio captured on the vinyl contains fascinating abstractions from parapsychology archives in the US and Europe, including the infamous Enfield Poltergeist (1977-1979), and audio from a wax cylinder recording made in Siberia in 1901 that is considered by experts to be the very first EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recording.

True teeth chattering tracks that will find a home in the darkest corner of your record collection. Listen to within the dead of night for maximum impact.

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  1. 1 Blue's Out of Body Experience (OOBE), 1973 2:06 Audio Excerpts, University of West Georgia, Ingram Library, Special Collections, William G. Roll Papers
  2. 2 Dreamed Intimation 4:18 Eluvium
  3. 3 Dona Nobis Pacemq 4:05 Leif Elggren
  4. 4 Re-incorporation 2:53 Frank Perry
  5. 5 Yakut Incorporation of the Spirits (Phantom Ice mix by Michael Esposito) 3:17 Waldemar Bogoras
  6. 6 Limpia 2:37 Guillermo Galindo
  7. 7 Message from the Mystery 2:43 Jeannie Evans
  8. 8 Enfield Poltergeist Recordings 1:18 The Society for Psychical Research (UK)
  9. 9 Doretta Johnson's Account of Haunting 4:00 Audio Excerpts, University of West Georgia, Ingram Library, Special Collections, William G. Roll Papers
  10. 10 Disrupted Threads 4:05 Laura Cannell
  11. 11 The Yellow Jackets Last Stand of 1811 4:18 Michael Esposito
  12. 12 collected huia notations (like shells on the shore when the sea of living memory has receded) 3:26 Sally Ann McIntyre
  13. 13 Flying Angels Over The Sleeper In The Valley 4:07 CM von Hausswolff
  14. 14 Spirit-Guide Speaking in Trance 3:22 Melvyn Willin
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